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Psychological pornography issues..

While the internet has become a great source of information and connectedness amongst people, it has also become a gateway to cybersex addiction. At the click of a button, a person has access to all sorts of pornography and sexual interactions with others. These compulsive behaviors have in many cases led to psychological issues necessitating treatment.

The motivation for treatment comes as a result of the effects that this behavior has on a person’s mood, functioning, or relationships to others. Many times, the person feels ashamed or out of control. Such a person’s partner may feel shock, fear, or loss. The behavior poses a risk or threat to the relationship.

In the experience of therapists, there are deeper causes which predispose a person to these behaviors. It could be a history of sexual abuse or premature entry into sexuality. The person may become fixated at the age in which they were introduced to sex. As a result, the person may remain attracted to girls the same age as they ere when the abuse happened. It also seems to be that there is a greater likelihood of mood disorders in people who have these behaviors.

When the addiction is discovered by a person’s partner, it can lead to a severe issue in the relationship. Many times, it leads to an emotional disconnect between the partners. As a result, there is less sexual contact and intimacy. Instead of fixing the issue, the person may escape into the easy satisfaction of self-stimulation. The behavior can become compulsive. It becomes reinforced and tends to increase in frequency.

The question becomes, is this type of behavior a true addiction?

Psychologists say that the compulsive viewing of cyber-pornography has a recognizable behavior pattern that is similar to other addictions. This includes a pattern of uncontrolled sexual behavior and mood changes related to sexual activity. The sex addict, despite the severe consequences of this behavior in their life, finds it impossible to control their behavior. These consequences can include the loss of their partner, marital or relationship troubles, and exposure to sexually transmitted diseases. Sex addicts find that they need to increase their sexual activity because the current level of activity is no longer satisfying. When they develop tolerance, they might find themselves looking for more unusual sexual experiences and more graphic pornography.

It used to be, in the old days, that access to pornography was more difficult. Nowadays, anyone can gain access on their computer without risk of shame from other people. Like french people from Paris who are using the net to contact girls or boys to have sex, take a look here:
Destination Paris. Besides the pornography that a person can view, there are a host of interactive experiences that are available. There are chat rooms, web-cams, and other options. A person can remain anonymous in many of these venues.

Sex Addiction psychological pornography issues

Cyber-porn addiction is a growing problem. Psychologists are seeing an increase of people seeking them out for this problem. It seems to be a problem that is much more common in men than in women.

Typically speaking, men view the use of pornography as a harmless involvement. They view it as not a real threat to their relationships. Men will many times rationalize their interest by telling themselves that it is a good way to overcome loneliness. For many couples, the use of erotic images can be a way of enhancing a sexual relationship. It might add some spice to lovemaking.

While this is true, there is a definite difference between the healthy viewing of pornography and a secretive and compulsive one. It is similar to the moderate use of alcohol and its excessive use. This is particularly the case when both partners in a relationship give consent to each other. When one partner keeps it a secret, the other partner can feel deceived and betrayed.

If a man’s partner discovers his use of pornography and has a problem with it, this is a conflict within the relationship and needs to be addressed. It becomes a matter of how the conflict is addressed that will determine the degree of dysfunction in the relationship. If the two partners cannot handle the situation themselves, then they may need to seek professional help.

If a person relies on pornography at the expense of the emotional or physical relationship with their partner, this would seem to be a deeper problem. What is a piece of good advice is that a person should focus on how it affects the relationship rather than address the moral issues surrounding the viewing of pornography. The moral issues are best left to the individual to determine what is right and what is wrong.

In conclusion, it seems that there can be such a thing as an unhealthy involvement in pornography and cyber-sex. The signs of an addiction are the inability to control one’s self and the sacrifice of important connections to others. The good news is that psychologists now deal with this issue on a regular basis and can offer a person real help and advice concerning their problem.